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Dedicated 1 Gbit/s switch port

With our CustomServer you have the choice to be connected to a fast 100 Mbit/s switch port or to a dedicated 1 Gbit/s switch port for even better performance.

The dedicated 1 Gbit/s port provides you with the maximum, exclusive bandwidth of 1000 Mbit/s. This enables, for instance, fast downloads even with numerous requests and large files.

The availability of a 1 Gbit/s connection is shown in the server details for each model.

The "1 Gbit/s switch port" feature is selected in the Server Configurator.

Advanced Network

Your personal IP network

The serverloft Advanced Network provides you with a personal IP network with 32 IP addresses. This feature is available as an extension to your serverloft server.

The advantages of the Advanced Network:

  • optional use of up to 32 IP addresses
  • no minimum contract period
  • end-of-month termination option

All Advanced Network pricing information is available in the price list.

Managed Monitoring

Monitor your network

By choosing the Managed Monitoring add-on, you will find a monitoring services setting on your control panel. This allows you to configure the monitoring of your server with individual settings as required.

Managed Support is available as an optional feature on any server and comes in two sizes:

Name of productMonthly feeFault reports included
Managed Monitoring L$752
Managed Monitoring XL$1505

Managed Private Network

Creating an in-house server cluster

You can create an in-house server cluster with the optional Managed Private Network. This allows your server to be quickly and easily linked to a private network in your serverloft panel. Create your own server cluster for sophisticated applications using direct network links to facilitate rapid and secure data exchange between servers. Each private network is provided with five VPN connections free of charge. Using your own log-in credentials, you will be able to log in to your private network from any Internet-enabled workstation and access data stored there.

The Managed Support product is available as an optional extra on any server and comes in three sizes:

Name of productPrice per server/month Bandwidth
Private Network L$1510 MBit/s
Private Network XL$30100 MBit/s
Private Network XXL$751000 MBit/s

Application scenarios

Web server with central database

This option allows the serverloft customer to connect up to five servers. These can be configured as three web servers with two attached database servers. Databases work on the replication principle, i.e. data is held simultaneously on two servers. This accelerates the transmission of the data and also heightens the level of data security. In this scenario, the web servers remain externally accessible via the Internet. The database servers are only provided with one Internet connection to protect them from unauthorized access. This arrangement allows the customer to provide data quickly and securely.

Dedicated firewalls protecting your web servers

With this setup, a server is used as a dedicated firewall in front of the web servers in order to filter incoming traffic and protect the data on the servers. Only the firewall can be reached by outsiders. The web servers are linked to each other and are connected to the firewall via an internal network.

Central storage with NFS

Here, a central storage server, which can only be accessed via the internal network, is used in conjunction with the web servers. The web servers access the storage server by means of the NFS protocol or iSCSI procedures. In both cases, this means that data can be accessed from storage just as easily as data stored on the local hard disk. The data is, however, better protected against loss or unauthorized access, since it is hidden from the Internet when saved.


Five VPN connections are provided by serverloft free of charge with each internal network. This makes it possible to access the internal network and its servers remotely by means of a username and password. Access to the VPN server is provided via an out-of-band connection, accessible even if your server should become unresponsive on the public Internet.

Managed Loadbalancing Local

Optimized load distribution

Managed Loadbalancing Local allows you to route traffic to your servers via a serverloft-operated redundant, load-balancing infrastructure, thereby ensuring optimal server load distribution. The maintenance and administration of the necessary settings can be carried out using your control panel. This service includes the hardware, serverloft network connection and everything else associated with the Managed Load Balancing Local configured services. Support for the service is provided as an optional feature by serverloft in the form of its Managed Support.

The Managed Loadbalancing Local product is available in three different sizes and is governed by a separate contract:

Name of productMonthly feeMaximum connection
Managed Loadbalancing Local L$6950
Managed Loadbalancing Local XL$119100
Managed Loadbalancing Local XXL$199200
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