Servers for professionals

Dedicated servers with cloud benefits

Dedicated hosting has never been this flexible!

Your dedicated server provides the stability of your own server with the flexibility of the cloud. Your dedicated server is scalable, immediately available and cancelable at any time, just like you'd expect from cloud products. But it also boasts the performance advantage of your own server and gives you complete control over your data.

Only cloud products can offer you the same unique flexibility. Here are the benefits of using a serverloft dedicated server:

No minimum contract period

You can cancel your server contract at any time and by the end of the current billing month. You are not bound by long-term contracts. Rather, you stay with us for as long as you're satisfied with our service.

Monthly payment

Unlike other providers, we don't require 12 or 24 month pre-payment agreements. You pay for our services on a monthly basis and can also choose your preferred method of payment, including credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express) or PayPal.

Quick server access

We guarantee that your serverloft server will be deployed within 30 minutes after order confirmation (allow 24 hours for CustomServers). This enables you to react to the ever-changing demands of your industry and ensures that you are among the front runners in your field!


Custom configuration

Configure your individual server, according to your requirements. In the server configurator you choose your required server components as well as your connection. You can easily calculate your ideal price/performance ratio, since you are always aware of the current price.

Server location

Choose between server locations in St. Louis, USA and Strasbourg, France and treat yourself to even faster access to your data and applications. Your costs stay the same independent of location and, even if you choose to locate in Europe, our Brilliant Support is still available to you in your language.

Advanced services on demand

We also provide a range of advanced services options to complement your server. You have access to support from our experienced administrators, if you choose. We can also implement more complex server projects to suit your budget and requirements.

On top of it all, you don't have to worry about where your important data is stored. Cloud-only solutions can't offer the same level of control that we offer. That's because the data may be located on different servers in different countries. With serverloft, however, you have the peace of mind that your data is stored on your own server in our highly-secure data center.