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Brilliant Support

Free of charge, skilled and with rapid response times

Even professionals need the help of specialists now and then - and that's where Brilliant Support comes in. Brilliant Support works with server hardware and software on a day–to–day basis. Our support staff knows our products inside and out and can provide lightning-fast solutions to any problem. That's how we can confidently guarantee a good response to your inquiry in the shortest possible time.

Our Brilliant Support is available around the clock - seven days a week, including all national holidays. And, of course, as a serverloft customer, all of this comes completely free of charge.

Brilliant Support - your skilled, around-the-clock service

  • Here to help you - 24/7/365
  • Completely free of charge
  • By telephone or support ticket
  • Help provided by experienced IT specialists
  • Comprehensive hardware and software support
  • Rapid response time guaranteed
  • Individual problem solutions
  • Support in more than 10 languages (German, English, and many others)

Brilliant Support – breaking down language barriers!

At serverloft, our international team of IT professionals go beyond basic IT support. We can literally speak the language of our customers, making us well-suited to help our diverse clients. Every member of our Brilliant Support team not only has a thorough knowledge of server technology and management, but also understands the unique needs and problems of our customers. This allows us to help you in the shortest possible time - and without the constraints of a language barrier.

Brilliant hardware support

All serverloft servers are tested for 48 hours prior to deployment in order to ensure all the components are working correctly. But if something should happen down the road, we will replace the affected hardware within just four hours. Your server will be back up and running as quickly as possible.

Brilliant software support

At serverloft, we want you to enjoy the greatest possible degree of flexibility when installing and managing your server: you are therefore provided with full administrative access and are free to set up your server in any way you wish.

Our Brilliant Support team is always available to make sure that the software we provided - including the operating system and control panel - run smoothly on your server.

With our web-based management system, we assist you by providing the most powerful tools for the job. This makes management of your server easy and convenient. Our system tools are free, available around the clock and help you perform, among other things, the following functions:

Advanced services option

Maybe you'd rather not manage your server yourself, or perhaps you need complex advanced services solutions? We offer you a wide range of advanced services products as a complement to your server. More information about advanced services is available under Add-ons / Management.

Service Level

We offer a service level agreement covering all our serverloft servers. This includes details of service availability, maximum system restoration times and service provision times. The service level agreement is available as a separate document for download. You can download it here.